Through the years, there have been numerous accounts of anomalous events associated with the area around Fort Mifflin. The first event was in 1778 when the wailing of women could be heard lamenting the loss of their men at the “Siege of Fort Mifflin”, when no women were present. These reported sightings stretch over decades. The regularity and frequency of these encounters have made the Fort the subject of much recent investigation by various groups and individuals. A variety of audio and visual phenomena has been perceived by people from all walks. Among the most often mentioned are:

1)     The Screaming Woman

The screaming woman has sometimes been described as being both young, old & in between. She has been especially associated with the Officer’s Quarters. Heard countless times and with such volume, that the Philadelphia police have been called out on numerous occasions, but upon arrival, no evidence of a damsel in distress could be found. She has often been identified as Elizabeth Pratt.

2) The Faceless Man

A faceless man has also been reported many times, by countless people at various locations around the fort, especially in Casement 5.

3) The Lamplighter

 There is the presence known as “the lamplighter” that has been spotted walking around carrying an oil-burning lamp, although all the lights inside and outside the fort, are electric. Supposedly a "psychic" identified him as Joseph Adkins, but there is no supporting evidence for this claim.

4) The Tour Guide

There is the "entity" which has been dubbed “the tour guide”, who, while dressed in period clothing has been mistaken for an actual docent. This incorporeal guide has given tours to unsuspecting guests when no actual guides are scheduled to be present.

5) Children & Dogs

There have been voices of children and barking of dogs reportedly heard by many when no child or dog is in attendance.

6) The Ship Out of Time

There is a witness’ report of a ship, seemingly plucked out of time and docked by the fort.

7) The Sad-Looking Man

There is the "specter" called “the Sad- Looking Man” who has been seen walking alone down the road to the gate of the fort and then disappears without a trace.

8) The Blacksmith

A blacksmith named Jacob Sauer is supposed to close doors in the smithy. No supporting evidence has yet been uncovered for an individual by this name residing at the Fort, but the activity persists


In addition to the specific, there have been reports concerning multiple random sensory encounters by individuals. There have been reports of the scent of a wood fire and the aroma of bread baking on the breeze and warmth from a wood fire on the heath in one of the Fort’s casements where none was evident.

Records of disembodied voices of soldiers’, sailors’, and civilians’ have all been heard and are well documented; sometimes over a century after they had lived at the fort.

People have been, touched, pushed, pulled and sometimes restrained by

unearthly hands. There are even reports of an entity that seems to have enmity for blond haired women!